CrashBOX Drones

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Flow - On Hold

The Flow frame has flown and crashed countless times, been pulled apart and redesigned from the ground up 7 times and is lighter than ever with prototypes averaging at 220g, depending on configuration (based off 100%fill PETG 3D prints, to be replaced with ultra durable, injection molded, glass filled nylon). With final adjustments for weight, aerodynamics and texturing of the plastic injection molds, we plan to get this standard configuration weight down to sub 200g. Obsessive weight watchers can remove non-essential luxuries such as ESC mounts, battery strap blocks or even the shock absorbing system entirely using the included arm lock off bolts. We are actively looking at aluminum bolts as an additional option but so far the costs seem excessive for the gain.

Constantly flying our comparatively weaker 3D printed prototypes has meant real world damage and design feed back, allowing us to hone in on parts needing additional re-enforcement while reducing weight in others. Each re-design took into account a greater range of parts and more ways in which the frame could be customized, while improving the build experience as much as possible.

We really wanted to make the process of building and maintaining the frame as fun as possible.

Having no deadlines or looming investors has meant no aspect of the Flow needed to be rushed and thus remained a passion project from start to finish.  The broad scope and style of our early designs is touched on in an evolution video to be released during the campaign.

Active Phase: On Hold

Production: Logistics and quotations have been finalized with our manufacturing partner in China. By utilizing the same channels used to manufacture products for the Leatt® Corporation we have direct access to a reliable source of high quality production and delivery.

Shipping: We have partnered with China Division who will be handling all our warehousing and shipping needs. Winners of the 'PayPal Outstanding Business 2016' award, they cater directly for crowd funding order fulfillment as well as seamless fulfillment integration with Shopify, meaning a hassle free migration to for future sales and after sales support.

Why Crowd funding?

  • Fortuitously, within our comparatively small team we have all the essential skills needed to take a prototype to production ready. This has substantially reduced the capital outlay needed to cover overheads, materials and associated costs. Pre-selling the first production runs will allow us to continue to keep overheads down as we can plan production to exact order numbers to minimizing waste, overstocking and the need for warehousing.
  • Engagement with backers in the final stages of the design will help ensure we go into production with the best design possible.
  • Crowdfunding caters to the large, upfront costs of creating injection molds. Avoiding a loan or similar to pay for these molds will allow CrashBOX parts to be priced lower.
  • As reward to all our first run backers, CrashBOX will award them early access & discounts on the exciting new frame designs already in the pipeline.

Having already put so much energy into the design and UK patent filing, the CrashBOX Flow will be launched, one way or another. Crowdfunding is the most logical avenue at this point.

Codename: Pure Racer - Last Qtr 2018

Codename: Switchblade - 2020