CrashBOX Drones

Fly fast. Fly fearless.

CrashBOX Flow

Status : Design extensively tested and locked in. Patent filed. Sadly we couldn't crack the crowdfunding so we are looking at way to self finance while we continue on with our next design.

Materials: High impact glass filled nylon, Carbon Fiber rods and steel alloy.


CrashBOX Pure Racer

Status : Conceptual prototype testing. Patent application in progress. Est. delivery mid 2018.

Materials : Molded Carbon Fiber Twill, Aluminum

Another frame that is completely different from anything else, even from the Flow and Switchblade. This design is an ultra light, finely balanced and aerodynamic air-frame aimed at high end racers. The F1 variant of drone frames, we are aiming for this frame to become the stock standard for competition racing.

We will be looking to collaborate on a BNF version of this product so please get in touch if you feel you have upcoming electronic components that may work within a high end race frame.

Status : Conceptual design and simulation - Est. delivery 2020.

Aluminum, Titanium and Carbon Composites.

Thin as a blade designed to cut through the air.. Watch this space.