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CrashBOX SkudRunner

The SkudRunner evolved from our Pure Racer concept which has been in development since 2017. While the design has evolved considerably it maintains the original design goals to

  1. Minimize drag through reducing the profile (incl. a vertical PCB board mount)
  2. Internalize all wires and electronics (protect all the PCBs internally).
  3. Streamline airflow over the airframe. 
  4. Be easy to build and quick to rebuild.
  5. Have fast access to internals. (2 screw accessible, hinged top).

Status : Mk1 testing complete. Mk2 On Sale February 2020

Materials: High impact fused nylon 12.

SkudRunner Mk2


SkudRunner Mk1

The main differences between the Mk1 and Mk2 is the width of the frame. We wanted the frame to be as thin as possible for the sake of drag so we went back to the drawing board and were able to trim almost a full inch off  the overall profile from the Mk1. The air-intake was also moved to the dead-space below the camera improving the airflow as well as giving the camera more clearance  from the props. The Immortal T antenna placement was simplified so as to 1. remove 2 more pieces from the set 2.  eliminate the only place screws were tapping directly into plastic.

CrashBOX Flow

Status : Archived. Sadly this design was just to costly to manufacture. However we did prove the merits of a shock absorbing airframe and will continue to develop that further.

Materials: High impact glass filled nylon, Carbon Fiber rods and steel alloy.


CrashBOX Pure Racer

Status : On hold - due to manufacturing limitations.

Materials : Molded Carbon Fiber Twill, Aluminum

This design is an ultra light, finely balanced and aerodynamic air-frame aimed at high end racers. The F1 variant of drone frames. TBH we got messed around by an over zealous carbon fiber manufacturer to promised us this could be done, only to back out when it came time to start manufacturing.